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Why Does My Back Hurt When I Wake Up?

Why does my back hurt when I wake up

Back pain is one of the most common medical conditions reported and is prevalent in nearly all work and industry groups in the Philippines. It is also considered the most predominant occupational diseases.

Reports said that as many as 80% of Filipino adults suffer from back pain at some point in their lives and 54% of back pain sufferers spend most of their workday sitting. Also, back pain affects women more than men and a significant degree happens during pregnancy.

According to studies, medication and surgeries do not necessarily provide positive results that they had been initially thought to.

Here are some natural tips to ease back pain:

  1. Stay active and avoid long hours of sitting.
  2. Make sure you sit in an upright position without crouching during long sitting hours.
  3. Stretch your legs and arms every once in a while in the office. When you are at home, stretch your hips every morning/evening for five minutes per side.
  4. Maintain a balanced diet and healthy weight.
  5. Sleep on a mattress with medium firmness for proper spine support.
  6. Lift things properly – with your legs, not your back and avoid bending or twisting while holding heavy items.
  7. Choose comfortable, well-fitting footwear.
  8. Quit smoking to improve nutrient delivery to the discs and other vital tissues of your spine.

You may also use a topical medication like Pau Liniment to help ease your back pains.

Apply Pau Liniment on the affected area or on your stiff and tired muscles after a day’s work to relieve muscle pains, stiffness and fatigue and alleviate backaches, sprains and strains.

Pau Liniment’s PSICAPMO extract is a potent blend of premium herbs gathered and harvested from deep within the Western and Eastern forests. All of its components are well-documented to have pharmacological value with proven efficacy in reducing pain and inflammation by ancient tribes and modern medicine.

Make Pau Liniment your all-day trusted companion to address sleep-related problems and anxiety while we still are battling the spread of infections everyday.

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