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Why Does Arthritis Hurt More In Cold Weather?


The way we welcome the BER months – SeptemBer, OctoBER, NovemBER and DecemBER may have changed since the pandemic, but the way the cold wind sweeps and the rains pour especially on these months have not waivered.

A fall in the temperature and the rainy season can cause joints to expand resulting pain particularly for those who are suffering from arthritis. This is also due to the increase in the thickness of the synovial fluid that acts as the joint’s shock absorber which makes the joints stiffer and more sensitive to pain.

Arthritis is a common disorder that affects your joints causing pain and inflammation, making it difficult to move or stay active. The disease affects your joints or the areas where your bones meet and move. It is most common in the feet, hands, hips, knees and lower back.

Around 4.2 million Filipinos suffer from arthritis which leads to significant deterioration in quality of life.

Here are some ways to manage arthritis:

1. Stay warm and covered. Keeping the achy joints warm is a top way to reduce the pain. Since internal body heat is low, covering the head, hands and feet can help maintain the body’s internal warmth.

2. Eat healthy. Overindulgence in sweet food during the holidays could cause some people with arthritis to have a flare up. Proper nutrition ensures you get the vitamins and minerals you need. Also, consider adding foods which can help fight inflammation that can cause joint pain such as omega-3 rich fish, green tea, etc.

3. Drink plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated is vital for flushing toxins out of the body and keeping your joints lubricated, which reduces joint pain and inflammation. It can also help maintain flexibility and reduce the risk of injury. Skip the soda and try sipping on lemon water, hot tea or other low-sugar alternatives.

4. Stay active and exercise. Exercise eases arthritis pain and staying active during cold weather can help prevent joints from becoming stiff. There are activities that can be done indoors like; rising a stationary bike, stretching, walking indoors, taking low impact aerobics or yoga class, swimming in an indoor pool and taking stairs instead of elevator.

5. Get your Vitamin D. Known as the “sunshine vitamin,” vitamin D is usually produced when the body absorbs sunlight or through diet. Recent studies suggest that low levels of Vitamin D may be linked to the severity and progression of arthritis.

6. Get your stress under control. Stress irritates arthritis, it can cause people to overtax their bodies. Mental stress takes their toll on the body which could increase joint pains. Practice deep breathing, meditation, or other ways to relax and slow down.

7. Sleep it off. Getting a full and restful night of sleep does wonders for your body and can help you deal better with arthritis. Poor sleep is linked to fatigued, more pain and higher levels of depression.

8. You may also use a topical medications like Pau Liniment to help ease your joint pains. Apply Pau Liniment on the affected area or on your stiff and tired muscles after a day’s work to relieve joint pains, stiffness and fatigue and alleviate backaches, sprains and strains.

Apply Pau Liniment on the affected area or on your stiff and tired muscles after a day’s work to relieve joint pains, stiffness and fatigue and alleviate backaches, sprains and strains.

Pau Liniment’s PSICAPMO extract is a potent blend of premium herbs gathered and harvested from deep within the Western and Eastern forests. All of its components are welldocumented to have pharmacological value with proven efficacy in reducing pain and inflammation by ancient tribes and modern medicine.

Make Pau Liniment your all-day trusted companion to ease your joint problems and movements.

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