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Why are Supplements Important to our Health?


Supplements are not intended to replace our food. It is intended to bridge the nutritional gap, so that we maintain the proper balance of nutrients from food and keep our immune system healthy.

A healthy immune system is key in preventing infection and diseases. Having a healthy lifestyle choices by eating nutritious foods, getting enough sleep and exercise are all important to strengthen our immune system.

Augmenting them with vitamins, minerals and other natural supplements can help protect against diseases.

Natural supplements like PDA Herbal Capsule contain Quinones, a nutrient from Vitamin K which provide immune system boosting, diabetes protection, and helps prevent hypertension, and Quercetin, a nutrient from vitamin B complex which provides energy and vitality.

PDA Herbal Capsule is an imported and premium product supplement from Brazil with powerful ingredients that prevent and defend the body against diseases. It is a natural food supplement for those with diabetes, high blood pressure, low immunity, and other common diseases.

You need supplements if you…

  1. Are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant.
  2. Age 50 and older.
  3. Have a poor appetite or having trouble getting nutritious foods.
  4. Follow a diet that excludes entire food groups.
  5. Have a medical condition that affects how your body digests nutrients, such as chronic diarrhea, food allergies, food intolerance, or a disease of the liver, gallbladder, intestines, or pancreas.
  6. Have had surgery on your digestive tract that affects how your body digests nutrients.

PDA Herbal Capsule is 100% NATURAL food supplement of premium quality with no side effects especially to kidney and liver, no adverse reaction to other drugs and no overdose. It is FDA-approved and manufactured by an ISO-certified company.

1 PDA capsule is at 500 mg. For best results, take 1 capsule with a glass of lukewarm water after breakfast per day. For maintenance and maximum results, take 1 capsule 3x a day after every meal.

PDA Herbal Capsule is available in drugstores and supermarkets near you.  Visit www.facebook.com/PDACapsule for more details and inquiries.

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