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Ways to Give Our Parents the Gift of Love

gift of love - pau liniment

We express our love and appreciation to our parents in different ways.

Some gives flowers and material gifts, others take their parents on trips, and so on; but what better gift to give to the most important persons in our life than the gift of love?

Sometimes we find ourselves drowning in our everyday busy-ness that we overlook the reality of our parents getting old and their years of toil is eventually taking toll on their body.

Lest we forget, we are what we are because of the sacrifices and hard work of our parents, guardians and families. They are the very people who tirelessly supported us every step of the way even at the expense of their health; holding on to the hope that their children will grow to be the kind of persons they are destined to be.

Here are some ways show our love to them:

  1. Cook them a delicious, healthy meal. A home-cooked meal will definitely bring back memories of happier days when you were just a kid and your mom cooks your favorite dish. Now, it is your time to tell your parents how precious those moments are.

  2. Spend time with them. Show them that you value your relationship by spending quality time with them. It will not hurt you to give them one day of your weekend to just be around them and have a meaningful, multi-generational and deep conversations with them.

  3. Share fond memory with them. It is always enjoyable to take a trip down memory lane. Share with them your fondest childhood memories and remind them how they made a significant impact in your adult years.

  4. Show them your love by giving them a gift for their health. Tell them how you feel by appreciating their years of hard work and because of what they endured, their health is likewise affected.

This kind of gift will bring them happier and healthier life free from frequent age-related pains and discomforts. This will provide our parents the opportunity to spend more valuable moments with their family.

They may not tell us how tired they have become, but I am sure some of they are now experiencing various body pains and discomfort caused by years of working hard.

This holiday season, let us express our appreciation to our parents by taking care of them.

A gift of Pau Liniment and a massage on their tired hands, feet and back will soothe the pains they are silently suffering and carrying. A gift of love will go a long way for our parents.

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