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Self-care Tips to Support Your Mental Health

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Amlig is a Hiligaynon term which means to care or to handle with care. Amlig advocates self-care and self-compassion during this COVID-19 pandemic. There is no health, without mental health, as they say.

Self-care means taking of the self, while self-compassion is loving more the self.

Unahin ang sarili, bago ang iba, para mas makakatulong ka sa kanila.”

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Here are some ways to AMLIG yourself from stress and anxiety from Donalyn G. Lastima, LPT, RPm, RGC, PhD and a Mental Health Advocate in Negros Occidental.

  1. A stands for awareness. If a person knows his strength and weakness, he/she can draw from that traits to help oneself manage stress. Young professionals should intensify awareness of well-being, identify pressing health concerns like, sleepless nights and restlessness, so that these concerns can be addressed right away.
  2. Mindfulness is the living in the now, being fully aware of the present, and using all the senses to be conscious of the things that’s been going on around us.

    Being mindful leads you a more fruitful life as a young adult. You set your goals at the present to pave way to the future, for example, wanting to be promoted to a certain higher position. Being mindful can help you achieve your dreams, but setting on realistic goals and manage to reach them. Happiness is also associated to being mindful.
  3. Live positively. Positivity seems like a trend, nowadays. People around us would quip, “Be positive”. Young professional should be cautious in the context of positivity.

    You might end up having toxic positivity, which is being overly optimistic yet unrealistic. The real essence of positivity lies in the concept of understanding and embracing the things happening around us, be it good or bad. It lies in the idea that we can still make something good out of a negative experience

    Positivity may lead you to the success you have been chasing all your life.
  4. Inclusive communication. With the advent of technology, communication lines are generally open. The more we are exposed to social media, online platforms, and the like the more we acknowledge the value of communication.

    Inclusive communication means leaving no human being left behind. During this time, I would like to think it as the survival of the fittest, the best excuse to think more of ourselves and less of others.

    The millennials are young professionals who are active in various advocacy, some pertaining to society. I do wish they will always consider to be open, flexible, and humane.
  5. Gratefulness. Grateful hearts are the prettiest. Nothing beats a grateful person, and when you are grateful, everything seems to change from negative to positive.

    Positive psychologist and book author, Martin Seligman conducted an experiment called “Gratitude Visit” wherein the participants were asked to think of at least three persons that made a difference in their lives.

    They were instructed to contact the person/persons and set a meeting with them at the front door of their homes. When they meet the person/persons, the participants were asked to read the “gratitude” letter intended for that person. The experiment became phenomenal, and it greatly improved the well-being, both of the participants and their “recipients” of gratitude.

So, every day, make it a habit, to stop for a few seconds that thank God for everything He has given to you – the breath of life, the beautiful sunrise and sunset, wonderful people around and the job that you are having at the moment. Saying “thank you” does not hurt, in fact, it multiplies joy and develop good interpersonal relations.

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Deep breathing exercise, aromatherapy, any form of meditations is some of the ways we could take care or AMLIG ourselves.

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A massage may also be therapeutic. Use Pau Masaje for instant relaxation anytime, anywhere. It has cool and refreshing menthol that effectively relieves stress and anxiety, it can help your body relax and assist you in the self-care that you need.

Dr. Lastima recommends Pau Masaje to her clients and fellow Mental Health advocates, whose unwavering dedication and burning passion to alleviate mental health of our people.

“To our clients, it is okay not to be okay. During this new normal, emotions are valid, but you have to do something to help you balance your emotions,” she added.

AMLIG yourself from stress with Pau Masaje.

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