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Quick Stress Relief for Working Moms

Quick Stress Relief

Enduring the dilemma of balancing work and family life is often the cause of overwhelming stress to working mothers. Moms take on multiple roles and can only have the rest they so deserve after reports are submitted and children put to bed.

A 46-year old working mom, Rachelle A. Villarosa shares how she is dealing with stress and tackling her day-to-day duties as Sales Account Manager for a telecommunication company.

quick stress relief yoga mom

While in the new normal mode, her usual day starts with her getting a quick breakfast, replying to emails and social media accounts, and preparing for a video meeting with her colleagues and clients for the rest of the day.

In between, she usually sneaked in for a quick strength training and yoga while playing with her five-year-old daughter.

“Making this WFH challenging is the constant interruptions of family concerns – what’s for breakfast, lunch & dinner, kids need attention, etc. Nighttime is reserved for bonding with my little girl, storytelling, and movie watching before bed,” she related.

With the work-from-home arrangement, her stress level reaches the all-time high because of the setup; however, she still finds ways to cope with stress through these simple steps.

• 5 -10 minutes deep breathing and stretching in the morning before starting the day. After work is when the serious workout happens.

• Set 15-30mins a day to get the heart pumping and blood circulating workout by doing some basic yoga poses mixed with high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

• Chair workout in between meetings or when virtual pieces of the training run for hours by doing some leg & back stretches.

• Keep a bottle of Pau Masaje near you for a quick massage to keep the stress away.

Yoga has been her everyday partner for almost 10 years. Yoga helped her realize what it truly means to be present and mindful. It trained her to focus on the task at hand and to stop worrying too much about the future. It made her appreciate the moment and give her all to what she is doing.

quick stress relief

“After all, tomorrow is another day and there is no better time than the present,” she added.

To help relieve tightness and minimize soreness the following day, she uses Pau Masaje Peppermint and the scent also helps her little girl sleep better, it’s very relaxing and calming.

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“After using Pau Masaje my stress level is at 3, as in I can feel the stress leaving my body the moment I apply the oil. It has the perfect mix of relaxing scent, cold and hot after-feel that penetrates and lasts a long time. It didn’t completely eliminate my stress but it significantly reduced it.”

quick stress relief yoga mom

Moreover, she said that Pau Masaje is perfect for people who are into aromatic oils, healing creams, and balms like her or for anyone who needs to relax and relieve tension and the whole room smells like a spa.

“The nice thing about Pau Masaje is the perfect combination of relaxing scent, coolness to the skin that penetrates the muscles, which is perfect after workout and my nighttime routine. I highly recommend Pau Masaje to women who are in their menopausal stage like myself, the aromatic scent helps relieve my anxiety and my insomnia,” Villarosa finally added.

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