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Pau Liniment: A Trusted Companion for 2 Decades

Pau Liniment 20 years

Pau Liniment – Everyday, as we continue on with our daily activities, no matter what field we are into, we are confronted with various pains and discomforts from doing what we are expected to do.

A registered pharmacist shared her experience to counter the pains she usually has as part of her job by using an all-natural liniment without the side effects of other synthetic medications.

pau liniment

“Being a pharmacist, I normally dispense prescribed medicines and counsel patients on the effects and proper usage of drugs and supplements. The usual bodily complaints I have are lower back pains and leg cramps. This is because, in my line of work, I stand for a prolonged period of time,” said Christen G. Triño.

Pau Liniment is one of my trusted must-haves whenever I go back to work in a hospital pharmacy in KSA,” she added.

Triño further shared that Pau Liniment has been her partner for 20 years and preferred it over other synthetic medications because of its PSICAPMO Extract – a natural ingredient offering no side effects but lasting relief.

“With synthetic medications, the pain subsides but recurs after a few hours and the side effects are inconceivable,” she mentioned.

pau liniment

Here are the reasons why she opts for Pau Liniment:

  1. The PSICAMPO Extract in Pau Liniment is what gives relief because of the herbal blends and its soothing smell.
  2. In our current situation, Pau Liniment is an added solution in preventing the spread of viruses and bacteria. Pau Liniment has natural antimicrobial properties that may be used in place of alcohol or as an alternative after washing hands without getting dry skin.
  3. It is also a counter-irritant for insect bites. It is effective and safe even for children’s skin.
  4. Pau Liniment is also good for steam inhalation/therapy. The vapor from hot water mixed with drops of Pau Liniment opens the airways, ease up nasal congestion, and prevents painful coughing.

Since menthol is one of the main ingredients of Pau Liniment,  it is proven safe to use as a nasal decongestant through hot steam, and the camphor, which is an antitussive agent, is very useful for dry cough. These two ingredients have been used by our ancestors for a long time and are proven safe.

“Now, my friends and family use Pau Liniment as part of their daily regimen, since they also find them to be very effective,” Triño concluded.

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