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OFW Tips: Overcoming Fatigue and Homesickness

For 21 years of working long hours in the middle of the world’s oceans and rivers, seafarer Jonathan Lara shared that beside homesickness, bodily pains are the bugs that keep him from moving forward to do the job.

The 46-year old storekeeper of a Norwegian Cruise Line, Lara’s job consists of assisting the F&B Provision Master in the safekeeping and issuance of food products; maintaining quality and quantity control of all brands of wine and food-related inventory; keeping track in ordering, receiving, loading, storing, and issuing all food products; maintaining all storerooms according to USPH guidelines and regulations; monitoring the proper temperature in all storerooms; and providing assistance to the Inventory Master.

“Like any OFWs, stiff financial grip has moved me to sail aboard for more than two decades now, “he said and the years of hauling, loading, storing foods and inventory and all the physical activities would render his body tired and aching. The good thing is he always carry with him bottles of Pau Liniment on-board and is making sure he has several whenever he is on vacation in the Philippines.

He said that he could not sleep at all without applying Pau Liniment which has become his ally in soothing his tired and sore muscles.

As a single Dad with two children, it is very difficult for him to work away from his children and making sure they are provided for and being taken care of. His hard work has paid off after his eldest child graduated and is already an Electrical and Computer Engineer working in Dubai, United Arab Emirates pursuing her dreams also as an OFW.

Having worked abroad and being able to provide his family with their financial needs is satisfying; however, working away from home would always have real trade-offs and one of those is losing his marriage. But he is confident that everything will work out well as long as you have faith in God.

“Whatever problems you may encounter in life; big or small, always know that we have a bigger God who holds our world. With the current pandemic that badly hit the entire world, seafarers have lost their jobs. While waiting for the mercy of God to intervene amidst this global crisis, let us remain calm and prayerful. Think positively at all times and shun away from negativity. The negative pull of life’s uncertainties maybe real but hold fast and claim that this too shall pass,” Lara expressed.

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He trusted Pau Liniment which has been his companion and partner for 10 years and he also recommends it to his colleagues, “I would normally use it daily during my end shift as it helps me to be physically ready again for my new shifts the next day and helped me relax.”

Lara recommends Pau Liniment to all his teammates because the nature of their work entails a lot of physical movement and endurance. This has kept him going his day-to-day workload and sharing its benefits to others would go a long way too.

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