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Arthritis pain during rainy days

Arthritis Pain – Rainy days are here. I am sure you feel it in your bones. Is getting up difficult for you and the joints are protesting?

These are signs and symptoms of arthritis. According to Dr. Nicomedes Abia ND, OM, if you have arthritis you will observe that your pain changes along with the weather. Particularly during cold and rainy days, the joints feel stiffer and more sensitive to pain affecting movement and your usual activities.

Dr. Abia added that family history, age, your sex, previous joint injury and obesity are some ofthe risk factors for arthritis. The most common type is called osteoarthritis which involves wear-
and-tear damage to the joint’s cartilage.

Some signs of arthritis are stiffness of the joint which can lead to poor function, tenderness of the inflamed joint which can be present with or without pain, loss of hand grip and grip strength etc.

Here are some helpful tips to manage arthritis pain:

* Manage your weight. Weight can have a big impact on the symptoms of arthritis since extra burden can place more pressure on the joints especially in the knees, hips and feet. Losing weight can help improve movement and prevent future damage to the joints.

*Stay Active. Get enough exercise. People who exercise have stronger muscles than others in their age group. Exercise can help one manage their weight, keep the joints flexible and strengthen muscles around the joints. Spending at least 10 minutes each for warm up, cool-down and stretching is important to ensure flexibility.

*Follow a healthy diet. Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole foods to help boost immune system and overall health. A plant-based diet provides antioxidant which can help reduce inflammation by eliminating free radicals from the body.

*Natural remedies are safer for long term pain management. A natural topical pain reliever can provide instant relief and comfort. A massage using Liniments with potent herbal ingredients like PSICAPMO can provide an overall sense of well-being and may also help manage joint pain and discomfort.

Pau Liniment is a very potent botanical oil with PSICAPMO extract that seeps within skin layers to reach the target joints. The hot and cold effects of helps ease stiffness and relieve joint pains. Since it is made up of 100% natural herbal blend, it is deeply absorbed by the skin, providing long-
lasting relief for up to 3 days.

Unlike oral pain reliever, Pau Liniment allows the introduction of treatment directly to affected areas and its aromatic citrus scent calms the body to a relaxed state of comfort and ease in mobility.

Avoid trying any synthetic remedies for long-term pain management because of its potential damage to kidneys and liver.

Usual counter-irritant that contains Menthol, Camphor and Methyl Salicylate are effective for pain with effect lasting up to 2 hours.

Moreover, research suggests that adding turmeric to your dishes which contains curcumin that has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce arthritis pain and inflammation. *

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