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Gardening and its Mental Health Benefits

Gardening can reduce stress and provides mental clarity. When COVID-19 pandemic hit the Philippines, businesses closed down, shops need to follow health protocols people either have limited or no access at all to supermarkets, and groceries even pharmacies.

As we face the fear of contracting the virus every day, our stress and anxiety levels heightened and lowering our immunity to fight that which we dreaded the most. For a good number of people, gardening becomes a release, an escape from all the distressing energies and restore your positive mood.

Here are some health benefits of gardening according to UN Healthcare:

  1. Gardening can build self-esteem. When you can grow things, you feel in tune with the earth and it always feels good to accomplish new tasks.
  2. Gardening is good for your heart. The physical benefits from digging, planting and weeding can burn calories and strengthen your heart.
  3. Gardening reduces stress. The activity can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety by giving you a chance to focus on something by putting your mind to work with a goal.
  4. Gardening can make you happy. The mycobacterium vaccae which is a bacteria found in soil may stimulate serotonin production which makes you feel relaxed and happier.
  5. Growing your own vegetables and herbs can help you live a healthier life. If you have a vegetable, herb or fruit garden, you’re getting fresh produce that you know hasn’t been treated with pesticides. Herbs are natural remedies and may be used for aromatherapy and medicinal purposes.

A healthy dose of Vitamin D every day increases your calcium levels which benefits your bones and immune system. Gardening is a great way to beat stress and help our body functions improve.

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