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Finding One’s Passion in Times of Pandemic


The devastating effect of COVID-19 pandemic has resulted to global crisis. Most people, during this time find themselves out of job or struggling to find a new one. It is likewise a good start to take a step back and evaluate ourselves, what we want to become and achieve.

Here are some tips to rediscover yourself, find your passion and a whole lot of possibilities in this life:

  1. Make a list of the things you want to do.

    List down the activities that you’ve always wanted to do but don’t have the opportunity. It may be hobbies and skills you’re interested in trying. It could be writing a blog, photography, gardening, and painting, among others. Try checking the internet for a few possibilities if you still have nothing in mind.
  2. Explore the things on your list and try doing them.

    Get out of your comfort zone and do some experimenting and do new things. When you have the opportunity, time, and resources to do it, take it and grab it to learn what you like and what you don’t, and just to enjoy yourself. Plunge yourself in these newfound interests soon, you’ll find one that will develop into a passion.
  1. Figure out what interests you the most

    When you’re done exploring and trying out the different interests on your list, you’d probably have an idea which particular hobby or project caught your interest the most and ignited a fire you’ve never felt before, and which you intend to pursue.
  1. Volunteer to cause-oriented organizations

    Explore new opportunities and possibilities through volunteering which may allow you to use and hone your skills that can bring a meaningful difference to the community. Work with people who are passionate about serving others and doing things that gives you purpose.
  1. Determine to have a positive attitude

    To determine what hobby or purpose gives the most meaning to you, it helps to cultivate positive attitude and emotions, such as gratitude and wonder. Shift your perspective to see the beauty and meaning in what you’re doing or by simply keeping a gratitude journal to help you assess what you feel when you’re gardening, coffee home brewing, or taking online courses of a subject you’re interested in.
  2. Learn more about it

    This is a time you should welcome and embrace the overwhelming yet exciting interest you’ve formed around a field. When you continue learning about it and practice it, you’ll soon realize that you’ve finally found something that you genuinely enjoy and want to carry on for a long time. Whether you’re pursuing this passion as a hobby, a career, or a business, enjoy the whole process of your growth.
  3. Look into your inner compass

    Don’t compare your growth with others. This process of discovering yourself isn’t always a smooth ride. Remember that your personal and professional development runs in your own time. There’s no need to rush because you’re taking the right steps to the right path. Remain patient and never give up on yourself.

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