Aldrtz Pau D' Arco Capsule Promo.jpg
  1. Buy 2 Blister packs of PDA Capsule at any Drugstores near you.
  2. Or Buy 1 Blister pack of PDA Capsule at
  3. Take a picture of your receipt (valid only Oct 15 to Dec 15, 2019 receipts) and send it via messenger for Proof of entry.
  1. For Drugstores; 2 Blister packs = 1 entry
    1. For; 1 blister pack =1 entry
  • On the comment section of our posted promo material, write down your testimony of how PDA Capsule helped you, (or your parents) in your daily lives.
  • Participants MUST SHARE the promo post after posting their testimony in the comment section. Non-compliance with this rule means the entry is void and invalid.
  • Winner will be based on (25% likes, 25% good comment review, and 50% content).
  • Winners will be announced after 3 days for strict verification purposes. (Dec. 18, 2019)
Aldrtz Pau D' Arco Capsule Promo.jpg
Aldrtz Pau D’ Arco Capsule Promo.jpg

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DOH-FDA-CFRR No. 1717 s. 2019

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